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Isle of Man Fungus Group

In Bishopscourt Glen with Jimmy Lee, Forestry Officer, DEFA</i>

In March 2016, Jimmy Lee, DEFA Forestry Officer, took the group to look at trees with fungal diseases in Bishopscourt Glen. He demonstrated the use of his new equipment which cores the trunk to measure the strength of the timber and see how far the rot has set in. New members are welcome to join this group dedicated to the enjoyment and knowledge of Manx fungi... SEE MORE...
or contact Liz Charter

Manx Native Trees

Now is the best time to plant trees... and native species are the best for biodiversity.

The Manx Native Oak Group has been re-named Manx Native Trees. Steve Prescott has taken over the native tree nursery from Mil Millichap and there is a brand new website with information about our tree and shrub species.

The nursery grows native trees and shrubs as bare roots, pot grown or "Rootrainer" (cell grown trees). For information email Steve Prescott

Manx Native Trees

Manx Native Trees