Putting Manx wildlife on the map!

Considerable quantities of biodiversity records have been collected in the Isle of Man over many years by all sorts of organisations and individuals. Some of this data has been collected by volunteers many of whom are connected to the Manx Wildlife Trust, other societies and recording schemes. ManxBirdlife hold an extensive avian database collected for its published Manx Bird Atlas.

Data sets have also been gathered as part of research projects and environmental impact assessments for the Isle of Man Government. The Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) has commissioned and carried out habitat surveys of the whole Island as well as detail surveys of designated sites.

The main datasets are held by Manx National Heritage, the Manx Wildlife Trust and DEFA. Other organistaions, such as, Manx Basking Shark Watch and Manx Whale and Dolphin Watch have considerable species datasets and Manx Birdlife submits its non-avian records to the Partnership.

Although much information exists, because it is held by different organisations, it is not easy to access. This is why in 2010, a Partnership was formed under the auspices of The Manx Nature Conservation Forum.

We are working towards having the functions and providing the services set out by the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) for Local Records Centres. We will therefore be following the NBN guideline as published on their website.

National Biodiveristy Network