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Manx Wildlife Trust has a summer programme full of interest. Why not try out one of their family 'Wildlife Watch' events?

Want to find out what activities and interests they have planned for all the family this summer? Click on the image below to go to their website for more details.

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FWAG - Isle of Man Farming and Wildlife Group - Encouraging Farming and Wildlife on The Island.

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For more information, advice and to join the group please email Paul Fletcher.

UNESCO Biosphere Vannin

Peter Bridgewater, chairperson of the UK Joint Nature Conservation Committee, recently gave a talk about 'Biosphere Vannin' and the proposals for the Isle of Man to become a Biosphere Reserve, at a United Nations Association meeting in Douglas on 24th October. It is well worth watching.
Go here to watch the video


Marine Science and Conservation Conference February 2015, marking the bicentenary of the birth of Edward Forbes

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We are planning to publish the presentations in some form soon.

Download the full programme here

Manx Native Trees

Now is the best time to plant trees... and native species are the best for biodiversity.

The Manx Native Oak Group has been re-named Manx Native Trees. Steve Prescott has taken over the native tree nursery from Mil Millichap and there is a brand new WEBSITE with information about our tree and shrub species.

The nursery grows native trees and shrubs as bare roots, pot grown or "Rootrainer" (cell grown trees). For information email Steve Prescott

Manx Native Trees

Manx Native Trees

Manx Wildlife Trust's 40th year!

If you are not already a member of THE principle voluntary nature conservation body on the Isle of Man -- now is a very good time to join because they have an energetic programme of events this summer -- 28 events from March to September -- something to suit all ages as well as an intriguing challenge to do 40 Wild Things ... complete them all and you might win a prize.

Ramsey ShoreManx Wildlife Trust 40 yearsRamsey Shore

Go to Manx Wildlife Trust WEBSITE, visit the Wildlife shop in the Market Place, Peel or go along to one of their 40th anniversary events see listing

Get involved in an exciting new project!

Contact Bat Search

April 2012: Recent sighting of River Lamprey (Lampetra fluviatilis) in the Neb is a First! A message from the Inland Fisheries team at the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture.

Discovered by Brian Walmsley Fisheries Officer, DEFA, on Tuesday 24th April, this adult specimen was found in the River Neb at the Raggatt. Identif- ication has now been confirmed by two indepen- dant freshwater scientists. Although there are existing records of the brook lamprey (L. planeri) in several Manx rivers including the Neb, this is the first confirmed sighting of a river lamprey here. Please contact Karen McHarg at DEFA for further infomation. This picture shows the distinctive sucker on its mouth. Each species has slightly different suckers which help with the ID.

Here is the river lamprey swimming in the Neb after release. The lamprey was 290mm in length.

River lamprey under examination

Youtube Video of the lamprey swimming in the Neb

The species is normally 'anadromous', spawning in freshwater but completing its life cycle in the sea, so pollution or artifical obstacles such as weirs or dams impede migration. Populations around the British Isles are considered important for the conservation of the species which is seen as having European importance.