Recording fungi on the Isle of Man

  • Want to find out about the fungus species which grow in the wild places around you? Why not come along to a Fungus Floray organised by the newly formed Isle of Man Fungus Group?
  • Field excursions and identification training sessions are organised by the group during the autumn. Look out for a list of next year's events which will be published here.
  • To further our understanding of Manx fungi we have provided a list of all the species which have been recorded on the island. We are planning to develop this page soon to allow interactive exploration of Manx fungus biodiversity.

Provisional Checklist of Fungi in the Isle of Man

Introduction, explanation and acknowledgements

This provisional checklist of Manx fungi has been created from all the records in the MBRP database. As yet very few of these records have been verified and it is important to realise that this list is work-in-progress and by no means a definitive checklist. Nev Kilkenny has provided the stimulus for this work and we are very grateful for his verification of records made in 2012. We are also pleased to have established reciprocal data exchanges with the FRDBI and the ABFG. The checklist includes species records provided by both these databases. Many thanks to Paul Kirk who runs the British Mycological Society FRDBI database and to Michael Jordan who runs the CATE2 database ABFG CATE2 database.

Philippa Tomlinson has compiled the checklist, so please get in touch with her if there are any errors, omissions, or improvements that you can suggest to the layout of the list, via her email.

Because many fungi lack a common name there are two lists provided below. The first list is ordered by Phylum and then by Family and then species (alphabetically). The second lists only shows species wich have common names (ordered alphabetically) but also shows the taxonomic information.

The 'Year' column shows the year of the most recent record for the species. This is followed by a list of each 10km OS grid squares with records for the species.

  • Full taxonomic list of Manx fungi, updated August 2014

  • Common name index of Manx fungi, updated August 2014
    • Brief history of fungi recording on the Island

      The earliest list of Manx fungi was published in 1909 by J.H.Hartley and J.A. Wheldon in the Lancashire Naturalist. Hartley lived in Ballasalla and worked on the flora and was joined by Wheldon, a Lancashire botanist who was a pharmacist at Liverpool gaol, on his holidays. Husand and wife team J.E and D.J Milne worked mainly in the 1970s and 1980s and Dorothy Milne produced a checklist of all records up to 1988. Tony Hopson collected many further records and also entered all the early records into the Manx Wildlife Trust's database. His wife Betty Hopson has continued recording up to the present. With the formation of the new group it will be interesting to compare recent records with those of 100 years ago and this new online checklist will hopefully stimulate further recording.

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