Isle of Man Fungus Group

  • Recording

    The Group provides an individual recording sheet and a multiple record sheet as well as advice on what (and how) to collect in order to have an identification confirmed. A detailed description is required to be sent in with your records (not just a photo, although photos are very useful).

    See also Nev's supporting notes on cap shapes and gill attachments. Please get in touch with Liz Charter, for advice on recording and identification. Nev Kilkenny has agreed to confirm identifications of rare and difficult specimens for us but this should be done via Liz Charter or Philippa Tomlinson. The collection of specimens may be necessary to identify species but please read the information on the recording sheet or get in touch before collecting specimens. We do not offer guidance on edible species.

  • First AGM

    The Isle of Man Fungus group held its first AGM on 19th June 2013 at which it agreed the constitution, elected a committee and set the membership rates. The constitution outlines the aims of the group including: recording Manx fungi and where they grow, raising awareness of fungi and their importance through public events, sharing knowledge of fungi with various professionals on and off island and promoting the conservation of fungi and their habitats in the Isle of Man. After the AGM we sampled delicious fungi from Greeba Mushrooms and tasted various mouthwatering recipes from members of the group.

  • Committee

    A committee of ten was elected, made up of those who have led the formation of the group. As well as Chairperson, Treasurer and Membership and Minutes Secretaries these include a Recorder, a Librarian and four additional members. The membership rates were set at £8 for individuals and £12 for couples and families. We also discussed events planned for the coming autumn including Nev Kilkenny's enjoyable workshops and we are taking bookings for these now. It was agreed to affiliate to the Association of British Fungus Groups through whom we will get Public Liability Insurance. See further information about AFBG below.

    The Committee consists of:

    ChairpersonLiz Charter
    TreasuerKaren Rodger
    TreasuerMick Rodger
    SecretaryLouise Samson
    Recorder Philippa Tomlinson
    LibrarianHoward Cain
    Committee member Bob Moon
    Committee memberTim Earl
    Committee memberJohn Wardle
    There is a photo of the new committe on Facebook!
  • The Aims of the Group will be to:
    1. Improve knowledge of Manx fungi by encouraging recording of the fungi and lichens of the Isle of Man (Vice County 71)
    2. Encourage appreciation of the importance of fungi in everyday life and develop a greater public understanding and awareness of fungi through forays, talks, workshops and public exhibitions
    3. Develop a greater understanding of fungi through forays, talks, workshops and public exhibitions
    4. Promote the conservation of fungi and restoration or appropriate management of threatened fungal habitats, including semi-natural woodland, grassland, upland and wetland

    These aims were approved at the AGM on 19th June 2013.

  • Fungus Conservation Trust (aka Association of British Fungus Groups)

    Full membership ofABFG provides:
    1. Full voting rights
    2. The quarterly Forayer magazine
    3. A membership card
    4. Public liability insurance cover when foraying (subject to foraying with an approved group or solo)
    5. Access to stains and reagents, plus other saleable items not available to the public
    6. Access to the CATE2 database
    7. Free diagnostic services
    8. DVDs as available (currently in production)
    9. Introduction to a local ABFG-member group
    10. Microscopy training